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french spaniels in a winter hunting
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French Spaniel - about

Hunting Dog, Gun Dog, Sporting Dog, Family Dog

A French Spaniel  is a rare breed in US. It is a very intelligent dog that looks to please its owner. It responds well to the positive treatment and repetitive lessons. It is calm loving hunting companion and makes a wonderful house dog. The French Spaniel is a fine family dog and a good neighborhood dog as well. Superb with children, French Spaniels are patient and loving.

The French Spaniel muscles show the energy and the stamina suited for hunting. The bone structure is strong, without being rough. Once the hunt is over, its gentleness is well known, and its patience and astuteness with the children, make it a surprising companion, well appreciated in the household…

French Spaniel Standards


Medium size dog, elegant and muscled, of medium proportions. Its balanced construction provides the energy and toughness essential for its utilization. The bone structure is strong without being coarse.


Balanced, frank, gentle, calm and docile, enthusiastic hunter, sociable with other dogs and an ideal companion in all circumstances. Excellent pointing dog, it also has a talent for retrieving.

SIZE (at the withers):


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The French Spaniel, or “Epagneul Français” is a breed of dog developed in France as a versatile multi-purpose gundog that is capable of both hunting and retrieving. Though relatively rare outside of their native France, they are a breed that dates back to the middle ages, and are gaining in popularity due to their versatility in the field and their medium size, easy temperament, and friendly nature. (read about French Spaniel Breed History...)